Every property listed in the calendar has four rows:

  • The first row displays all the bookings: past, current, and future. You can use the scroll bar at the top to scroll to the different dates in the calendar. Every booking has a different status. All confirmed reservations and enquiries are added automatically to your calendar. You can click on the booking to know its details and communicate with the guests.
  • The second row displays the pricing information across all channels. You can use this row to click on a specific date or drag and drop over a period in the calendar to set up your seasonal prices for the property. Use this row to apply pricing information such as daily prices and minimum stay as well as for all advanced settings, including extra person charges, weekend/weekly/monthly pricing, and changeover dates.
  • The third row displays all the tasks and services assigned to a booking. Each task is represented by a different icon. Multiple tasks can be assigned to a single booking. 
  • The fourth row displays all the automated messages to be sent to the guests. The envelope icon is displayed on the day the message has to be sent. Multiple messages can be automated to be sent on the same day. 
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