Your Vreasy calendar automatically removes all enquiries based on the following conditions:

  • The check-in date has passed
  • The enquiry was logged in more than 14 days ago
  • Only two days remain until check-in time

NOTE: While you can modify these settings under the Settings tab in Automations, it is recommended that they not be modified.

1. Go to Automations > Settings.

2. Click Modify the way my old enquiries are automatically cancelled and when... (not recommended).

3. Select Option 1 or Option 2 from the following sections:

Option 1: 

1. To edit the expiry time for enquiries in your Vreasy calendar, click Set up automatic cancellation expiry times.

2. On the Automatically remove old enquiries page, make the desired changes.

Option 2: 

1. To edit the expiry time for enquiries from other channels, click Change for which properties/channels Vreasy removes old enquiries.

2. Select the properties and channels for which the old cancellation rules should still be applicable.

3. Click Next.

The system takes a few minutes to complete the process. Once completed, the expiry time for the selected properties and channels is changed.

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