The Payments and expenses data report allows you to view not only the guest details for each reservation at a property over a period of time but also all payment and expense items associated with each reservation.

1. Log in to your Vreasy account with your property manager credentials.

2. Go to Manage > Accounting.

3. In Data export, click the Payments and expenses tab.

4. In the Start date field, select the date from which you want to generate the report.

5. In the End date field, select the date until which you want to generate the report.

6. From the Load previous settings field, you can perform one of the following functions:

  • Select one of the existing settings from the drop-down list box.
  • Create a new setting by typing the setting in the Load previous settings field and clicking Save settings. In the Save data export settings field, type the name of the setting.

7. To remove any of these settings, select the setting name from the Load previous settings drop-down list box and click the delete () icon.

8. From the Status drop-down list box, select the status of the reservations that you want to view in your report.

9. From the Include fields field, select and add the fields that you want to view in your report. You can use the cross (x) icon on these fields to remove them from the report.

10. After you have made the desired selections, click Download CSV.

The system downloads the report in the .csv format and saves it locally on your system.

The following list describes each of the items in the Payments and expenses data export:

  • Type: The type of the item; can either be Payment or Expense.
  • ID: Payment or expense ID.
  • Name: The name of the payment item. Examples include Initial deposit and Rent Balance due.
  • Quantity: The number of times an item or service was requested. Examples include baby sitting and extra cot.
  • Amount: The base cost of the payment.
  • Grand total paid: The total amount that has been paid until the last updated date, including the fees.
  • Discount percentage: The percentage by which to lower the total payment charge.
  • Tax amount: The tax set up in your Vreasy account.
  • Tax name: The name of the tax applied.
  • Credit card fee amount: The applied credit card fee.
  • Grand total: The total amount charged to the guest, including the fees.
  • Grand amount unpaid: The total amount that has been upaid, including the fees.
  • Created at: The time at which the booking was created.
  • Due date: The last date by which the payments must be received.
  • Reservations ID: The Vreasy reservation ID; it can be found in the URL of the booking window.
  • Checkin: The check-in date.
  • Checkout: The check-out date.
  • Nights: The total number of nights in the booking.
  • Custom ETA: The estimated time of arrival provided by the guest.
  • Custom ETD: The estimated time of departure provided by the guest.
  • Guest full name: The first and last name of the guest.
  • Guest email: The email address of the guest.
  • Guest phone: The phone number of the guest.
  • Adults: The number of adults in the guest party.
  • Kids: The number of kids in the guest party.
  • Language description: The language of the booking selected by the PM. English US is the default language.
  • Status: The status of the booking.
  • Portal name: The name of the channel the booking was received from.
  • Channel manager name: The name of the channel manager.
  • Acc. cost: The total cost of the accommodation, including the rent balance, initial deposit, cleaning fee, and all the extras.
  • Currency code: The currency in which the payment is accepted.
  • Property ID: The ID of the property.
  • Portal UID: The channel ID of the booking.
  • Payments initial deposit: The initial deposit amount.
  • Payments rent balance due: The rent balance amount.
  • Payments cleaning fee: The cleaning fee.
  • Additional description: The description of the property in Vreasy.
  • Property title: The title of the property.
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