Current daily prices can be seen in the Modify your daily prices window. The exchange rate tooltip ( ? ) displays the exchange rate and the date that the rate was last updated on. The daily price is updated as follows: 

PM Net Rate * Specific Portal % adjustment * Exchange Rate

Consider the following scenario. The PM Net Rate of a property is 3000R (South African Rand). Payments for bookings made from HomeAway are accepted in pounds (£). The portal adjustment for HomeAway is 8%.

In this case, the daily price for HomeAway is calculated as:

(PM Net Rate + Specific Portal % adjustment) * Exchange Rate

(3000R + (3000R * 0.08)) * 0.05906 = 191.3544 £ = 191 £ (rounded)

The system rounds off the final price to the closest whole number for better channel support.

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