By setting the markup for each channel, all future reservations will reflect prices including the revised channel markups.

Setting channel markups

Log in to your Vreasy account with your property manager credentials.

Go to Manage > Price Strategies.

The system displays all the channels your account is connected to and the corresponding channel markups. By default, the Commission adjustments fields are set to 0.

Type the desired markup in the Commission Adjustment fields.

If you do not wish to apply the revised channel markups to the existing rates, do not click Update All Seasonal Adjustments button.

The revised channel markups will be applied to all future seasonal pricing.

To apply the markups to the existing seasonal pricing, select the corresponding checkboxes for each channel and click Update All Seasonal Adjustments.

After the new channel markups have been applied, you can still modify them for each property by editing the seasonal prices from the calendar.

For Pricelabs users

If you use Pricelabs, the following process takes place:

  1. Prices from Pricelabs are pushed to your Vreasy account.
  2. The channel markups set by you in Vreasy are applied on top of these prices.
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